2019 – The year to be bold!

It’s official! Bold wallpaper is set to be the trend that takes the world of home decor by storm in 2019, with people searching for “bold print wallpaper” 401% more frequently than they have in years past. But which are bold patterns encompassing this movement?

Here is our selection of our most popular bold patterns in 2019:


Erismann Paradhisio Toucan

Both relaxing and uplifting, tropical decor is a big interior design trend that will add bags of personality to your rooms. A palm tree, jungle or tropical print can inject colour into any room. Or you can go along the lines of a Mediterranean summer, or a Hawaiian landscape – yes it’s very kitsch.

For a more subtle way to work the botanical decor trend into your home, you can opt for a more subtle pattern or our ever-popular damask wallpaper design in a muted shade.

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Muriva Rosalee

Back in full force, big floral patterns can create special atmospheres. From large scale prints to old school vintage styled botanicals, we have a variety of classic and contemporary interior styles for you to find the perfect floral pattern; whether you fancy powerful, delicate, exuberant or subtle.


Crown Mayfair Islington

Bold enough to draw the eye and create visual intrigue without being too overwhelming, unique geometric styles can achieve a delicate balance of boldness but calmness. Fresh, symmetrical shapes and simple, clean lines introduce order and dimension into your home. The geometric style perfectly suits the modern trend for minimalist, abstract interior design.

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Arthouse Luxe Decoris Stripe

Stripes will never go out of fashion. They are a timeless classic- chic without ever looking overdone. But for something so simple there are many things to consider:

Multi-colour or monochrome? Thick or thin? Vertical or horizontal?

Colour: black and white is a classic and timeless colour combination. But when put into a funky, eclectic print, like stripes, this traditional pair becomes edgy and fashion forward. On the walls, on the floors, themed or just accented – bold black and white stripes can do wonders for your home!

Thickness: as a rule of thumb, the thicker stripes will have a more modern look and the thinner a more classic style. However, you can mix it up – after all, rules in design are meant for breaking.

Orientation: the same concept goes for dresses as it does for rooms. If your stripes are vertical they make you look longer, and if they are horizontal they make you look wider.