Guide Me to the Geo!

In the world of wallpaper, it can sometimes forever seem like there is no end to the changing trends. It’s a scary thought to fall in love with a design, get it up on the wall and then be forced to have a redecorate not a few months later because there is a new trend that’s sweeping the interior designer nation. Scared of this happening to your walls? Well at Wallpaper Central we have a solution for you… ‘Geometric Galore’! Geometric designs are something that has been on trend since the first time wallpaper was ever considered ‘trendy’. They have a classic feel that you can either turn very sleek and sophisticated with muted tones and sharp lines, or you can dress it up with different shaped patterns and metallic colours… you can even add a few sprinkles of glitter if you’re feeling a bit spontaneous .

Arthouse Luxe Ogee Gunmetal/Silver
New Geometric Arrival: Arthouse Luxe Ogee Gunmetal/Silver

Most of our geode wallpapers definitely make a statement and will for sure command any room. Our advice is to add black picture frames with large black and white print on these geode wallpapers. Not only does it look ever so sleek, but it is also a great way to add value to a room and definitely makes a bargain wallpaper look a million times more expensive. Or if you want to go for a more striking look adding some metal shelves against a black and white geometric wallpaper and placing colourful ornaments such as tropical birds on those shelves with transport you to the inside of a Vogue living cover! 

With Geometric patterns a space can instantly be transformed to seem bigger and more open. It also looks well put together and has a funky and fresh feel. Brands at Wallpaper Central such as Belgravia and Rasch specialise in funky geometric patterns to deliver something unique to an ordinary home. Our wallpapers come in a wide range of styles; small and colourful block shapes or large flowy greyscale lines that create an artwork on your wall. No matter what aesthetic you’re going for, at Wallpaper Central we will help you find the perfect wallpaper for your home. Why not order a sample online at start your interior decorating journey with us today!