Use Your Wallpaper To Start Conversation

Any good interior decorator will tell you that the most important aspect of decorating your home is to make sure it reflects who you are, your personality and your style. Get this right and as soon as people walk into your home, they can instantly get a sense of who you are and what you’re about. You can actually use wallpaper as a basis on which to build a conversation. 

Nothing brings va va voom like vibrant wallpaper in a conversation-topic pattern. Wallpaper is a great way to liven up mundane spaces. Hallways, pantries, powder rooms— are all capable of becoming moments of joy and funkiness. These transition areas can and should be places you enjoy spending time in. 

Marcus Geo – Yellow

However, if big, outlandish patterns aren’t really your thing and do not reflect your personality, do not fear, the classics never go out of style! A white kitchen or light coloured walls in your living room can create a lovely bright, natural, calm ambience.

Sightseeing Branches – White

You don’t need funky patterns and vibrant colours to create conversation. Furnishings, ornaments and art may be your conversation starters, and the perfect accessories to bring life to your classic and more reserved wallpaper choice. Fabrics whether it be furniture, rugs or pillows, in varied colours and patterns can bring warmth and texture into your living space.

That said, we don’t want you to be afraid of (the) dark. The misconception is that dark colours make spaces feel smaller, but they can actually make a whole space come to life. Black works with any style. 

Glitter Tile – Black

The key is to follow your gut. If you are looking for a statement piece to get the conversation flowing, or want something more reserved and subtle which you can embellish with furnishings, then do not hesitate to get in touch.  We’re here to help you find your perfect design!

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